Grants Program Goals and Objective

The goal of the EDMC Grant Program in Armenia is to assist local Armenian institutions and organizations such as professional associations, non-governmental organizations and private sector entities to implement project initiatives which will help sustainably enhance the competitiveness of supported sectors in the Armenian economy and contribute to increased investments, exports, and employment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in these sectors.

Overall, USAID EDMC Grant Program aims to support workforce development through improving the quality and relevance of training programs for skilled specialists and entrepreneurs in the supported sectors. The Program also contributes to the development of legal, regulatory, and institutional enforcement framework to improve the business enabling environment in Armenia, as well as to improved public-private dialogue between the private and public sectors.

For this purpose EDMC provides small incentive grants from $2,500 to $25,000 each on a competitive and results-oriented basis targeted at meeting the overall goals envisioned by the Project. Grants are provided using the following mechanisms

  • Unsolicited Grant Competition
    EDMC encourages its partners and other qualified organizations to take advantage of the Grants Program and submit Expressions of Interest (EoI) to fund unique, innovative and worthwhile projects that target real needs and meet the goals of both EDMC and the applicant.
  • Solicited Grant Competition
    A Request for Applications (RFA) will be issued each time EDMC intends to fund a specific activity through its Grant Program in order to identify and fund the best possible application among potential grantees. The solicited grants have their specific goals and objectives, as well as application deadlines.

Check our Grant Opportunities section for the current announcement.