Workforce and Entrepreneurship Development

Workforce and Entrepreneurship Development

The Workforce and Entrepreneurship Development component focuses on defining and effectively addressing labor supply and demand mismatches that limit enterprise competitiveness in the supported sectors. Hence the core mission of the Component is to promote enhanced competitiveness of Armenia’s work. The Component approach is based on the core concept that the supply and demand of and for competitive workforce should be private sector driven. To help promote this approach, the Component focuses on building effective ties between potential employers and universities, vocational education and training institutions, and career centers. Component activities are thus designed to ensure a flexible match of labor supply and demand that aids the accumulation of market-relevant human capital and thereby increases the profitability of supported enterprises.

The Component is currently developing short-term pilot courses with higher education and vocational education institutions, disseminating these curricula to all relevant education institutions countrywide and revising the existing vocational education curricula to orient them more effectively towards private sector needs.

To support effective relationship building between small and medium enterprises in the four supported sectors and Armenian universities and vocational training institutions, the Component promotes the high impact Quick Start methodology  – a successful demand-driven and targeted skills development program to be used for the first time in Armenia. This program will enable university and vocational training institution employees to work together with companies to effectively train pre-selected workers heading into new jobs.

The Component also collaborates with private employment agencies and job search engine companies to improve their operations and services. Capacity building efforts are effectively streamlined and targeted in order to help these agencies and companies conduct market-relevant employer outreach activities, better interpret/understand private sector skill needs and more effectively recruit and match available specialists against employer needs.

In addition, none of these activities can be effective without appropriate labor market data being available. The Component thus collects labor market information to facilitate analysis of labor demand trends and needs in supported sectors. This in turn will help us more effectively support well-targeted labor market outreach activities.

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