Value Chain Competitiveness

Value Chain Competitiveness

Customers are the backbone for the success of any business. Creating value for customers is thus a key end-goal for a business that wants to remain competitive and profitable in the market. The Value Chain Competitiveness approach is a powerful tool for strategic planning and change management which helps companies focus on specific activities that leverage enhanced competitive advantage.

A value chain is the sequence of activities a company performs to design, produce, sell, deliver, and support its products. In turn a company’s value chain is part of a larger value system created by companies in the same sector. This may include a company’s supplier, the company itself, the distribution channels, and the company’s buyers.  The USAID/EDMC Project uses the industry-level value chain concept as an organizing principle for driving the design and measuring the impact of  support programs  for transforming Armenia’s economic competitiveness  and driving sustainable  growth.

The core goal of the Value Chain Competitiveness component is to enhance the competitiveness of value chains in four selected sectors – High Technologies, Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnologies, Food Processing (fruits, vegetables, and herbs) and Hospitality. The Component targets small and medium-sized enterprises to promote robust and inclusive value chain growth. The overall objective of the Component is to sustainably raise incomes and employment in Armenia. Component activities are thus designed to promote the use of productivity-enhancing technology, develop cutting edge managerial skills, stimulate innovation, and enhance the marketing and strategic and operational management capacity of SMEs in a manner which will help them drive increased investment and sales and to reach new markets and robustly expand existing markets. The Component team works step by step through the value chain development process to design and implement an optimally focused technical/training/market linkage support program, designed to effectively target and address key constraints to sustainable value chain expansion.

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