CEED is a Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development that supports entrepreneurs by providing the know-how and networks they need to accelerate the growth of their businesses. CEED was established by SEAF and USAID in 2005 and since then has reached 10,000 SME owners and executives through network learning events, provided peer training to over 2,500 entrepreneurs on global industry best practices, and assisted these members in their efforts to access affordable growth capital. The Center aims to lead SEAF’s efforts to understand and address the needs and unique challenges of entrepreneurs and their SMEs in emerging markets.

CEED approach combines the following three elements

CEED provides a broad array of business support services that range from training to consulting, and business networking. CEED services help entrepreneurs to develop leadership skills, gain management capacities, prepare for gaining finances, grow businesses internationally, meet with investors, and establish new business partnerships.

CEED Armenia was established within the framework of USAID/EDMC project’s Workforce and Entrepreneurship Development Component as an institutional guiding force and core implementer in entrepreneurship training and mentoring.

Together with USAID/EDMC, CEED Armenia launched its first program in Armenia, entitled Top Class, in April 2012.

Top Class is a unique program which selects up to 25 entrepreneurs and managers with high growth potential and invites them to take part in a transformational experience which includes the following components:

  • Training sessions led by experts and highly successful entrepreneurs from Armenia and abroad. The sessions are interactive and provide a platform for exchange of experiences and open discussions.
  • B2B meetings and networking events that feature prominent speakers discussing a variety of topics related to entrepreneurship. Top Class participants are also invited to participate in international B2B events abroad attended by companies from over 10 countries.
  • Mentorship and personalized advice from recognized business leaders and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Access to Finance and introduction to SEAF and other potential investors.

22 young Armenian entrepreneurs with high growth potential participated in the first Top Class program, which ended in June 2012. The sessions were led by prominent business leaders such as VivaCell MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian, Roda Group Founder Roger Strauch, Synopsys Armenia CEO Rich Goldman, international branding guru Matt Bartelsian and many others. The sessions focused on a myriad of topics regarding entrepreneurship and management, including business growth, raising capital, communication and negotiations, human resources and organizational behavior, as well as marketing and branding.

CEED has announced the launch of Top Class Program 2012 – 2013 in Armenia! Contact their local office for more information about the new Top Class and other CEED programs:

Phone: 010 51 61 01
E-mail: info@ceed-armenia.org