What is EDMC?
EDMC stands for Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness. It is a five-year project launched in October 2011 and funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

EDMC aims to ensure sustainable economic growth in Armenia through supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, increasing employment, promoting exports and income growth, improving Armenia’s business environment, and attracting investment to develop competitive sectors in high technologies, pharmaceuticals/biotechnologies, food processing (fruits, vegetables, and herbs), and hospitality.

What is a value chain?
A value chain is the sequence of activities a company performs to design, produce, sell, deliver, and support its products. It is thus a series of activities a product/service must pass through until it serves its final purpose of solving a customer need. In each phase of the value chain the product gains additional value.

In turn, a company’s value chain is part of a larger value system created by companies in the same sector. This may include a company’s supplier, the company itself, the distribution channels, and the company’s buyers. The Value Chain approach is a powerful tool for strategic planning and change management, which helps companies focus on specific activities that leverage enhanced competitive advantage.

Does EDMC work in all sectors of the economy?
Efforts to promote economic development are much more likely to succeed if they target sectors with fundamental comparative advantage and potential for growth. EDMC targets four high potential sectors, which are high technologies, pharmaceuticals/biotechnologies, food processing (fruits, vegetables, and herbs), and hospitality. These sectors were selected based on a rigorous value chain analysis carried out during the initial stage of the project.

I am a small and medium enterprise (SME) and would like to know how I can work with EDMC?
EDMC implements a variety of activities in each of the four different sectors that we target – high technologies, pharmaceuticals / biotechnologies, food processing (fruits, vegetables, and herbs), and hospitality.

In high technologies, EDMC supports SMEs in product commercialization and market expansion. Companies are assisted in presenting and promoting their products and services in international markets. We also strive to create linkages between the high-tech and other sectors that can potentially adopt high-tech solutions. EDMC also provides a series of professional development opportunities.

In pharmaceuticals/biotechnology, EDMC supports SMEs to improve their operations to meet EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements, expand existing and find new markets.

In food processing, EDMC targets SMEs that produce processed fruits, vegetables, juices, and herbal products. We work together with SMEs to enhance compliance with internationally accepted and required standards, including organic production and food safety standards, to encourage exports to advanced markets. Companies also receive technical and training support, including on-site audits.

In hospitality, EDMC provides technical training and market integration support designed to bolster professional development opportunities which improve workforce skills in the field and improve institutional capacity to provide a range of high quality tourism products and services. The Project also supports new product development, including rural and regional tour packages, and promotes effective integration into robust regional and international tourism networks.

If you have further questions, please, write us at info@edmc.am Also check out our staff page to find the appropriate sector export to contact for more information.

I am a non-profit organization (NGO) and would like to know how I can work with EDMC?

All EDMC solicitations are posted on the Grants Opportunities page of this Web site. Instructions on how to apply for each EDMC-solicited program are contained in each solicitation, which also includes a point of contact and contact information. If you interested in submitting an “unsolicited” proposal for EDMC review, follow instructions provided on the EDMC Unsolicited Grant Competition page. If you have further questions, please, write us at info@edmc.am

I am a partner organization and would like to obtain official EDMC logo to feature on a joint publication/release
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I would like to ask permission to use materials (images) from your website in my article/presentation/publication?
Unless a copyright is indicated, information on this Web site is in the public domain and may be reproduced, published or otherwise used without EDMC’s permission. We request that EDMC be cited as the source of the information and that any photo credits or bylines be similarly credited to the author, as appropriate. If a copyright is indicated on a photo, graphic or any other material, permission to copy these materials must be obtained from the original source.